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KARA TECHNOLOGY will be pleased to meet you at METSTRADE AMSTERDAM from November 16 to 18, 2021 on booth 05.123 in the French Pavilion.

29 October 2021

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KARA TECHNOLOGY will present its touch screens, software and nautical assistance as a French company specialized in the design of digital solutions for boating, from hardware and software to services.

TACTILE DISPLAYS & PC PANELS: From 10″ to 55″, easy to integrate into your woodwork. You can choose a fixed or modular brightness from 250 to 2500 cd/m², the thickness of the glass or the power of the CPU (pc panels only).

SOFTWARE: For shipyards, boaters or suppliers, our team of developers provides applications designed for your needs, infrastructure, strategy and processes.

BOATING ASSISTANCE (Digital crew) is the new assistance and connected maintenance service dedicated to the nautical industry. We detect, diagnose, alert, communicate with the customer and solve the problem through our partners around the world.


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