Research department

Our "Research and Design department" assists you in the design and development of IT solutions that meet your needs and those of your customers while enhancing your existing systems and services.

We carry out exploratory studies to determine from the ground up the expectations of your users, as well as the value and breakthrough points of your solutions in order to guarantee their successful integration into the market.

You can also ask us for training or advice on the different technologies that can be used for your solutions.

Our main area of expertise is in the nautical sector, where our experts, specialised in Big Data and artificial intelligence, have been able to define several solutions adapted to our clients' expectations.

Among our best-known achievements are: 

  • EVA, our connected boat implements monitoring and alerting on the equipment on board to ensure users that their boat is working properly when they want to go to sea.
  • Kara touchscreen table serves as a dashboard for navigation data, a home cinema and a multi-user interface.