Presentation « COM-MABs: From User’s feedback to Recommendation » Alexandre Letard

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Our AI Ph.D. student Alexandre Letard, presented on May 17, 2022 his latest article, « COM-MABs: From User’s feedback to Recommendation », elaborated as part of his thesis, during the 35th edition of the FLAIRS Conference in Miami, Florida . He was supervised by his co-supervisors Nicolas Gutowski, Ph.D., Olivier Camp, Tassadit Amghar and supported by the institutions: University of Angers, ESEO – Grande Ecole of digital transformation engineers and LERIA – Study and Research Laboratory in Computer Science in this project. Motivated by the development of new applications of k-element recommendation systems, we show how the adjustment of their reward functions can improve their performance in all situations. We are proud to have been able to meet the scientific community enabling the advancement of artificial intelligence.

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