Trimaran connected by KARA TECHNOLOGY at Station C coworking space – THALASSA REPORT

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The three teams (Kara Technology, BATHÔ and Station C) came together in 2019 around a magnificent circular economy project.

Recycling and connecting a trimaran destined for the scrapyard to give it a new life as a connected meeting room.

The project was carried out with Station C, a coworking space in Saint-Barthélemy d’Anjou, in the industrial zone, 5 minutes east of Angers.

The BATHÔ project involved carpentry, composites, painting, fittings and boiler making, and welcomed young people on apprenticeships and people who were not in employment. Kara Technology invited its design and software development teams to integrate touch-sensitive solutions to create an unusual and ultra-connected meeting room. This project was carried out thanks to Station C, which accepted the challenge of offering its coworkers an atypical meeting room in the Industrial Zone.

In July 2020, the teams were invited to film a Thalassa documentary to present this project which answers a real problem of today – how to recycle an old boat with zero waste. To see the result, watch the 22 November 2020 report on Thalassa #recycling #ecoconception #socialeconomy #circulareconomy.


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