Towards the automation of boats!

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Presentation of the project to Minister François de Rugy at the Nautic in Paris in December 2018.


Did you know that 75-96% of boating accidents (according to the World Fleet Statistics 2000-2010) are caused by human error? Put your trust in the digital age, artificial intelligence and innovation! Kara Technology has the answers to all your questions about your boat even when you are not on board.

Kara Technology makes the transition from digital to boating. You are not on board your boat and you want to have information about it even when you are on the other side of the world? The E.V.A. solution makes it possible. The solution makes your life easier at all times. Your boat becomes your partner in navigation, it becomes a support for all sea trips.

EVA LIVE. Thanks to the dashboard, you can view your boat’s information in real time and access the data recorded by the sensors on this internet platform accessible on all your screens (mobile phones, tablets, computers). The application is intuitive and usable by all.  You take control of your boat with a simple click to turn on the lights, activate the pump to evacuate overflowing water, etc…

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