Meeting touch table

  • Evolutionary
  • Intuitive
  • Robust
  • Multi-user
  • Patented
The PARAPHE meeting table allows a group to work together efficiently and find solutions through direct visual contact among the group members.
All actions can be seen, read, and worked on simultaneously by each group member, which allows more rapid progress by the group.
PARAPHE is a new office product which is at the same time a table, a work table, a multifunctional screen and a sharing space.
PARAPHE's dimension is 140 cm diagonal (55″).
Excellent mobility, ease of handling and control of the PARAPHE table is adapted to the general public as well as specific professions: doctors, lawyers, and engineers are some examples.

The PARAPHE computer system is based on state-of-the-art technology.
Equipped with a 2K full HD display, PARAPHE supports any type of object.

The scratch-resistant screen also resists shocks up to 5kg (index IK10).
The entire office team can interact simultaneously for joint projects, meetings or social moments on the same surface, each team member using their preferred application in 2K resolution.
PARAPHE technology is based on a projected capacitive tactile system, combined with analyses using complex algorithms.
The PARAPHE table is sensitive to your fingers but not to objects, allowing you to use your favorite applications while having a drinking glass, a plate or papers on the table.
PARAPHE works perfectly with wet fingers or gloves.
The PARAPHE office touch-screen table benefits from several years of research on software, ergonomics and mechanics.

Several patents have been filed in these areas. The PARAPHE® brand has been a registered trademark since 2016.