Automated Voyager Equipment

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Who is it for?
  • Who does what?
  • On which boats?
  • Elsewhere than on boats?
  • Why KARA?
This solution consists in rendering boats “intelligent”, that is to say capable of anticipation to help decision making. We transform boats into connected ships to add security, comfort and technology via a unique interface.
· Request:
You board your boat which welcomes you onboard. Through displays (2 external and 2 internal), you can monitor that all the liquid levels on the boat are OK, and that all the electronic and security systems are fully functional. You ask your boat to suggest routes to go to a beach not further than 2 hours away so that you can eat at a restaurant and have fun jet skiing.

· How:
The boat will check the levels on all onboard systems to see if everything is in order (levels, actuators, security equipment depending on the travel plan (coastal, sea, etc).
It will understand it’s owner’s request, and that order will be analyzed by the onboard AI, before being sent to our land-based AI systems for cloud analysis (weather, tides, cartography, restaurant reservation, jet ski rental timetables…)
• Boat owners
   Decision making helping, increasing security, increasing comfort
• Shipyards
   Remote boat diagnostics
   Breakdown anticipation and maintenance
   Realtime analysis of onboard sensors (statistics, data analysis…)
   Analysis of equipment use
• Rental agencies
   Facilitated and quick Check in, Check out
   Monitoring, improved handling, remote assistance
• Captaincies
   Space reservation assistance
   Automated services
• Professional services (assistance, maintenance)
   Concierge service
   Janitorial service
The KARA team has created a complete solution for shipyards. A collaborative analysis with the research team allows shipyards to integrate our solution as carefully as possible. This means adaptation of the electrical system to make it compatible with connected technologies and by adding a large array of sensors and displays.

Our hardware interconnects with the majority of nautical equipment on the market. We can have limited connectivity (for example, monitoring of electrical systems) or make the boat entirely connected by adding motor control for port maneuvers, for example.
The EVA solution by KARA is compatible with all kinds of sailing and motor boats, whatever their brand.

At this moment we equip boats from 40 feet without size limits. We are studying more compact solutions to integrate the solution to the boats of smaller dimensions (up to semi-rigid 5-7m).
Yes of course. You can find the KARA engineering through its wide range of products developed also for the medical tables for ergo therapy or multi-user meeting room tables. For avionics studies are underway.
KARA, via its EVA solution, is a pioneer in the development of connected products and innovative interfaces. The company has real expertise in the boating industry and the panel of professional partners working with us reinforces these skills.